The Podcast

Remember Teen People magazine? A subsidiary of People magazine, Teen People featured celebrity interviews, fashion and beauty editorials, and the stories of ordinary teens from across America and beyond.

Published between 1998-2006, the magazine mimicked its parent publication, with sexiest people and best-dressed lists. It also covered some of the most meaningful stories of that era, including the stories of those who survived the Columbine massacre. 

When I bought my first house, I found a stack of Teen People magazines within my boxes of books and papers. As I flipped through these old issues, I realized that each of these teenagers was now as old as I was. In some cases, they were even older! As a librarian, I knew most of these kids would have a digital footprint, and I wondered how many I could find. Were they buying their first homes? Were they married? How many were working, or had children? Were they happy?

My podcast answers these questions—and more—revealing a portrait of the Millennial and Gen X experience.


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